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39756_148354415180428_119018594780677_458455_7665964_nDive the Graveyard of the Atlantic with The Dive Shop On McEver

Historic Wrecks, Sharks, Tropicals and More!

North Carolina August 24-27, 2017

Join your fellow DSOM Crew for a few days under the waves in North Carolina's Graveyard of the Atlantic! We’ll have the chance to plunge into historic shipwrecks including the German U-352, Atlas, Indra, Cassimir, and Papoose just to name a few. These wrecks provide habitat for both tropical and northeast fish. It is also common to see Sand Tiger sharks up to 10 feet long, huge spiny lobster, and lionfish are now frequenting the waters. Not only are these wrecks beautiful, they still hold historical artifacts.

We will be diving Thursday to Sunday with Olympus Dive Center in Morehead City, North Carolina. Join us for four days of adventure. Conditions are perfect this time of year! Water temperature is between 75-85 degrees and visibility is usually more than 60 feet. As with any diving on the East Coast, it could get bumpy so bring your favorite seasickness medication...


Dive Operator:     

Olympus Diving Center

(252) 726-943239953_148354085180461_119018594780677_458431_4448863_n

713 Shepard Street
Morehead City, NC 28857

Cost: $695 (includes tax) this includes:
Diving: $135 per diver per day for two dives a day (4 days of diving)
Lodging: $30 (plus 12.75% occupancy tax) per diver per night at Olympus dive lodge across the street. Lodging in the dive lodge is purely optional, and is offered to make the trip more affordable.  If you are unsure if you want to use the dive lodge, we recommend reserving a spot, as dive lodge spots can be canceled up to 35 days in advance.

For a listing of some or the wrecks we may dive, as well as additional information on the individual wrecks, check this page:

39481_148354655180404_119018594780677_458471_7540794_nOther expenses & Info:
Arrangements can be made for a daily-boxed lunch for $12

Tank Rentals:
80 cu ft air tank - $9
100 cu ft air tank - $13
80 cu ft Nitrox - $16
100 cu ft Nitrox - $19

Or bring your own tanks and get them filled at Olympus to save some more money.  Air fills start at $6, and nitrox fill start at $12.

Transportation to/from North Carolina is not included, but most people will be driving.  If interested in offering/getting a ride and splitting expenses, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If there is enough interest, we can even look into renting a van to split between multiple people.

Olympus Divers Requirements:
Advance Open Water or Open Water Certified (with instructor supervision)
Minimum of 20 logged dives
At least 1 dive to 70 ft
At least one dive from a boat in the ocean
Two dives in the last 12 months
Minimum Age requirement is 15 yrs of age.

39322_148355001847036_119018594780677_458495_2352054_nNitrox certification not required, but North Carolina is an excellent environment to get the benefits of Nitrox. There's still plenty of time to get your Nitrox certification if you're interested. 

Any Divers who do not have the requirements can make prior arrangements with Olympus Divers to hire one of their dive masters.

Olympus Diving only allows diving within the recreational limits and long decompression stops will be not allowed. You are welcome to bring your doubles if you have them, as well as any deco bottles.  Planned decompression dives are not permitted, but long safety stops on Oxygen/Nitrox are permitted.  

Reservations or more information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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