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Great White Shark - Nautilus
August, 2017


Reliable interaction with white sharks at calm and sheltered dive sites, magnificent visibility in exceptionally blue water combined with easy access via San Diego make this the best place in the world to go “face-to-face” with great white sharks... There is likely no better place in the world to see great white sharks than Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The frequency of shark sightings is excellent and quite reliable and these big guys will come right by the 4 shark cages to check you out. Cage time is virtually unlimited. Diving with the white sharks from the water level back deck of the Nautilus Explorer is easy and comfortable and you won’t find a more luxurious ship to do it from. Bring your camera!


We are divers. We believe that the best way to observe great white sharks is to descend into their world and interact with them on their own terms in a natural way from our double-decker submersible cages. Conditions permitting, you can get out from behind the bars on the upper deck of 2 of these cages with only a single hand-rail between you and these incredible apex predators. The highly experienced divemasters in the submersible cages are always there to both "critter point" and ensure your safety. Guests on the Nautilus Explorer have 4 cages at varying depths to choose from providing the best way to see lots of "whiteys" up close and very personal.

The ship’s submersible cages provide an excellent platform to descend down into the sharks’ natural habitat. There seems to be layers of sharks as you go deeper and deeper and nothing can beat a submersible cage for the best diving. The white sharks will start swimming by the surface cages sometime after dawn. Morning and mid afternoon seem to have the most activity. While the conditions are superb, these trips are adventuresome voyages to a remote volcanic oceanic offshore island and you always have to be prepared for the unexpected.

For more information, or to sign up, call (770)503-0040. (Non Certified Divers Welcome - Must be certified to dive to the 40-foot cage)


The Trip at a Glance
Departs August, 2017
Returns August, 2017
Duration • 6 Days
• 5 Nights
Cost • $2950-$3450/diver
Deposit • $500 at sign-up
• Balance due  June 1, 2017
• No refunds unless someone takes your place
Price Includes • Accommodations
• Meals (On Board)
• Surface Supplied Air and weights
• Diving
You Provide • Air transportation
• $65.00 Port Tax
• Hotel Overnight San Diego-Last Night if needed


For Information on the Livaboard and othe tral for this trip please check out NautilusExplorer

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