Rental Equipment

Sometimes it’s not practical for every diver to own every piece of dive equipment he or she might possibly need. There may, for example, be an item you need solely for a once-a-year — or once-in-a-lifetime — dive. Or, you could be a new diver who is still in the process of evaluating potential equipment purchases.

Whatever your equipment rental needs, DSOM’s comprehensive rental department can help. We stock a wide selection of up-to-date, meticulously maintained rental equipment in a variety of styles and sizes.TK_AL-80-DPS-2T

If your circumstances dictate that renting may be a more preferable alternative to buying, please contact us. We will be happy to tell you what we have available and how it can best meet your rental needs. (And, while you are at it, be sure to check out our Rent to Own program.)

Rental Rates 

All Current or Previous Students of DSOM Always pay the Student Weekend Rate
of $75 for BCD, Wetsuit, Regulator, Tank and Weights
Non-Student Rate is $95 for a weekend or  48 hours

BCD - jacket style wt. integrated
Daily: $22.00  Weekly: $80.00

Regulator and gauges
Daily: $22.00  Weekly: $80.00

Tank (Air)
Daily: $10.00  Weekly: $30.00 (refills $6.00)

WetSuit 7mmGlide20Pro20-20sm
Daily: $25.00  Weekly: $90.00

Weight Belt
Daily: $3.00  Weekly: $15.00

Weight per lb.
Daily: $1.50  Weekly: $7.50

Lights (batteries included)
Daily: $7.00  Weekly: $35.00

Compass (wrist mount only)
Daily: $6.00  Weekly: $30.00

Dive Computer (wrist mount)
Daily: $18.00  Weekly: $72.00

  • All Dive Computers are Nitrox ready