Aqualung, Apeks, Atomic, SCUBAPro Authorized Service

Genesis, Sherwood, Oceanic, Hollis, Zeagle Authorized Service

Certified Tank Inspections

Regulator Service: $29 per stage for labor plus parts not covered under warranty.

During the initial break down of the regulator, all parts are inspected for cracks, undue wear and fatigue. After complete disassembly all parts are introduced to the ultrasonic cleaner for removal of all solvents, debris and salt. Once all parts are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, then the reassembly begins. Using only factory authorized parts and oxygen compatible grease (christolube) all parts are assembled to manufacturer’s recommendations. All o-rings included with the service kit are replaced and anything that does not meet standards will need approval from the owner before replacement. The first stage regulator is adjusted and set within manufacturer’s standards and the second stage and octopus (Alternate second stage) are adjusted to operate precisely with the first stage.

Note: If your regulator has a manufacturer’s warranty that covers annual service parts and you have fulfilled all of the terms of your warranty then you are not charged for annual service kits.  You may still be charged for parts that are not covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.

Scubapro/UWATEC Warranty | Oceanic Warranty | Atomic Warranty | Zeagle Warranty | Aqualung/Apeks Warranty

When Should You Service Your BCD

A buoyancy compensator device (BCD) should be serviced annually or every 100 dives. Whichever comes first. This is the same interval at which you should be servicing your regulator. Some brands recommend a general inspection of your BCD every 12 months with a full servicing from an authorized service center every two years. You will have to check with your manufacturer to find out what they recommend for your specific equipment. Common sense and consideration into the usage and the environments to which the gear is exposed is just as important. Dive shops who are constantly renting their gear to customers (and being exposed to heavily chlorinated pool water frequently) should do this much more frequently. Probably every 2-3 months. It is important to check on your warranty if there is a requirement for the gear owner to have the gear serviced every year. As this is common place.

It is especially important if you have a combination Octo / inflator (this is a breathing source) you wantthis to be serviced as well, because in the unlikely event of an air sharing emergency, you will be the one using it.

Our BCD Servicing Uses Only Genuine Parts and Service Kits

Scubapro/UWATEC Warranty | Oceanic Warranty

Atomic Warranty | Zeagle Warranty | Aqualung/Apeks Warranty


Service (with Standard Inflator) $25.00 plus parts
Service (with Atomic SS1 ) $45.00 plus parts
Service (with Aqualung Air Source) $45.00 plus parts
Service (with Mares AirTrim) $45.00 plus parts
Service (with Scubapro Air 2) $45.00 plus parts
Service (with AUP Airlink) $45.00 plus parts

Visual Inspection $25 (includes fill)

All cylinders are inspected by certified inspectors, properly trained in cylinder inspections to PSI, OSHA, and CGA Standards. The cylinder is inspected for current and appropriate markings then the tank is completely drained, all accessories, stickers and the valve will be removed.

The external inspection will identify heat damage, re-painting, odors, bows, bulges and line corrosion forming around tank boots. The internal inspection will identify cracks, pitting, surface rust and oxidation. The threads of the cylinder are inspected for cracks, missing and\or damaged threads.

The valve is then inspected for the correct burst disk, the o-ring is replaced and the dip tube is verified to be present and secure. The threads are greased with DOW Corning 111 to prevent electrolysis. If the cylinder has meet all standards with in the PSI, OSHA and CGA Standards, the cylinder is reassembled and issued a current visual inspection sticker, good for one year with in the same month.

Hydrostatic Inspection $35 (SCUBA & SCBA Cylinders require Visual Inspection)

Hydrostatic inspections must be conducted once every 5 years (some paintball and SCBA cylinders require inspections every 3 years. The cylinder is sent to a local facility for testing to DOT standards.  The local facility is governed by the Department of Transportation and is current on standards and specifications.  Hydrostatic inspections require a minimum of 1 week to complete.  All Luxfer cylinders with the special alloy designation are Eddy current tested by the local testing facility during the hydrostatic test.

Any cylinder that does not pass hydrostatic testing will be rendered unusable before being returned according to DOT requirements.

Be Aware some tanks made be fore 1991 will not pass due to a problem with the allow.

After the cylinder has successfully completed a hydrostatic test, it is visually inspected and filled.


Oxygen Clean Service $50

Cylinders are visually inspected, completely disassembled, and cleaned using a special O2 compatible cleaner from Global Manufacturing. All parts are cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaner, rinsed and reassembled using ONLY CHRISTOLUBE lubricant. All stickers and markings are checked to PSI, OSHA and CGA Standards. After completion the first fill is done on site.