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Advanced Open Water Diver Certification



SCUBA Quality Mask, Fins, and Snorkel Must be used in all dive classes


Snorkeling Quality personal gear will NOT be Accepted



Becoming a certified open water diver is your first step into the larger world of scuba. The journey continues in the Advanced Open Water Course. Whether you’ve only just been certified or you have 100 dives under your fins, the Advanced Open Water Course will help you gain valuable experience and build useful skills with an instructor to guide you.

Advanced Open Water certification allows you to participate in advanced trips and advanced dives and you will be able to dive with a buddy independent of supervision. Anywhere you go, the Advanced Open Water certification card identifies you as a capable and competent diver. When you travel, divemasters will know you have the training and skills for more advanced and often more interesting dives and they will guide you accordingly.

In the course you will complete five advanced dives. The core of the curriculum is instruction in deep diving and underwater navigation. In addition to academic work in these subjects, you will embark upon a deep dive under the guidance of an instructor and you’ll do an underwater navigation dive. Beyond these core components, you’ll learn peak buoyancy skills, underwater photography, mapping, fish identification and much more.

The Advanced Open Water course provides you with the skills to be a better diver and a more confident diver. Your training builds on the four main components of scuba education: knowledge, skills, equipment and experience. With more knowledge, a broader set of skills, a deeper understanding of your equipment and greater experience, your confidence and ability increases dramatically and so does your enjoyment of every dive.

How do you start? It's an easy two step process...


Step One:
Reserve - First call one of our friendly instructors to reserve your spot in class 770-503-0040

Step Two:
One Classroom Session and the We go diving.



  • Certified Open Water Diver with PADI, NAUI, SDI or SSI
  • Current diver logbook
  • 12yrs to 14yrs old to 75ft max depth
  • 15yrs old and over to 100ft max depth

Required Gear (AOW basics):

  • Primary dive light
  • Back-up dive light
  • Surface marker buoy (SMB)
  • Finger spool w/SS bolt snap
  • Dive knife

Course Covers:

  • Advanced Diver Certification Card
  • Pool practice, deploying SMB, lift bag practice, buoyancy and emergency skills review
  • Student diver discounts

Upon graduation, you will be issued your Advanced Open Water Diver Card, with this card you will able to:

  • Participate in advanced dive trips
  • Dive with a buddy independent of supervision on advanced dives

Total Tuition: $195.00 + Certification Dive Fees

*Ask about free certification with total equipment purchase.  









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